Monday, December 29, 2008

December 28, 2008 - longer run!

well, i couldn't help myself. i went for three separate short runs today over to the pond and to the Running Room. i registered for the Resolution Run for Dec 31, a 5k Run that is not technically a race. the big news is that the Running Room has sanctioned me in the female category. Even if i have to walk this 5k, due to my surgery, it is important for me to participate as i would love to be able to claim to have completed at least one official event as a female!

the other runs were over to the pond to see the duckies. most of the pond was frozen over but there is a small patch that doesn't freeze due to a stream flowing in. this is where the duckies hang out. there were about 60 of them today! overall, i ran 7.5k but i think i opened up my wound a bit more as there was a little bleeding. i will not be running again until Dec 31 as a precautionary measure.


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