Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008 - Sad Memory

Sad Memory.. let's see how many hidden meanings are in there..

dec 2, 2007 was the date of a major snow storm here in st. john's. i'll never forget that. it was my first taste of the newfoundland winters.. lol

Sad - my 2nd day of Sad light treatment. i've been told that i should see signs of improvement in 2 weeks.. this will really be interesting.

Sad Memory is also a 1967 tune written by Richie Furay of the Buffalo Springfield

today is also Britney Spears' birthday.. hard to believe she is 27! i gather from her interview today that she is having a sad life lately.. lol ..actually, that's not lol. poor Britney. i hope her life gets better.. you can all laugh at her if you want, but she actually represents an important part of my transition.. back in 1999, i seemed fasinated by her. little did i realize that i was essentially wishing that i could be in her shoes.. a young pretty successful teen.. being a teenage girl is something i will never get to experience.. but at least when i am fully transitioned, i can life a rewarding and fulfilling life as a middle aged woman.

anyway, 9th pair of shoes got broken in today. nice little run after supper to yet another pond (Burton's Pond) a place where duckies hang out all night. none of this flying away to go sleep somewhere.. lol

well, the sleeping pills are starting to make me woozy.. i better click this off before i pass out at my computer.. lol


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