Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21, 2008 - back home!

quite the journey. air canada cancelled my flight back to canada due to an expected snow storm, so i was scrambling from my hotel bed to find an alternate flight back. i ended up skipping town a day early, against doctor's orders. just 32 hours removed from surgery, i was navigating the philly and then toronto airports.

got into toronto before the storm and managed to spend the next day resting while visiting family. got back home early saturday morning...

today, the wound opened as the stiches broke. not sure if this was due to all my movement or due to a poor stitching job. (the stitching appeared weak right from the get go, but i am sure the moving around didn't help). found myself in the emergency room today as a precautionary measure. the wound will not be restitched as there are still some stiches in tact and the would appears to be healing well so far. i am going to have to be extra careful for a few days. the wound is swollen and bruised but nothing out of the ordinary. i am hopeful that the scar won't be too bad, although it looks like an incredible cut.


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