Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23, 2008 - 6 days!

only 6 days removed from an orchiectomy, i went for my first run, a very very slow and gentle 1.2k stroll down to the mail box. probably not the brightest thing to do 6 days after this type of surgery, but i just couldn't resist. the run actually went well. no incident. it is still quite painful "down there" and the wound is still open, so i probably won't chance it again for a while, but if it heals further by dec 31, i may sign up for the infamous running room 5k resolution run.

on that note, i wrote the running room today and asked them about transgendered athlete policies. i have been in touch with some other trans runners and they seem to be against the concept of a hird gender category for transitioning athletes, but one liked the idea of competing without disclosing or declaring a gender. an "unclassified" category of sorts. so i ran that idea by the running room. will be interesting to see what they say.



Anonymous said...

HI my name is monica and I am a transgender graduate student at the University of Central Florida. I have been doing research on Dr. Murray Kimmel that was recent and came across your blogs; i was curious to know if you had any negative experiences and what the cost was in 2008 for the orchiectomy procedure. If you dont mind the questions I would greatly like to hear from you. I can be reached at monica.rae.johnson.ucf@gmail.com

take care and happy holidays :)

Boris T. said...

Jen glad to see you're alright. Hope things post op are good for you.