Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008 - It's Been A While!

yup, 42.2k of running today. 71 days since i last did that (gee, that's hard to believe!)

started out my day by sleeping in late. as promised, the temp was 60 degrees out there. i dusted off my running skirt, tank top and sports bra and went out for a run to the pond. i took a brief intermission to feed the duckies. it was very windy out there so the bread crumbs were flying all over the place.

then it was a trot to the mall to grab some empty boxes to bring to my friend's house as she was preparing a move. i ran home and had a brief snack, then ran up to another pond, left pond, where i had a very quick dunk in the water. last year at this time, i was skating on that pond!

then i ran back over to my friend's house and helped her finish moving her stuff. after helping her get to the airport, i ran back home again. this time, i took a stumble and hyperextended my thumb quite badly! i got up and bolted it home as fast as i could to put ice on it. at this point, i was up to 28k on the day.

after dinner with a few friends to 'celebrate' my surgery, i went back out and finished up the last 14k. still fairly warm weather but rainy..

42.2k in total. 4.11.02 of running in just over 11 hours. the last 5k were a struggle, as i had not carbloaded for the run or done anything like that. but it was nice to know that i could still run 42.2k on any given day out of the blue. my weight is up to about 190 now. hard to believe i have gained this much in 3 months!

well, perhaps i will get out for a few more long runs before my surgery..

i missed my swim at the pool today and might not get over tomorrow if this thumb is still as sore as it is.. kinda sad. only i could get a thumb injury by running!


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