Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009 - awesome swim

wow, what was going to be a slow swim turned into a rather strong and fast endurance swim.. 4.5k in just 85 minutes, ranking among my top swims of the year! i could have easily gone on to set an annual best time for a 6k swim, but i decided to save my arms for tomorrow, and to ensure i had time to enjoy the remaining little bit of sunlight (or more like cloud light). i had a lovely visit with the duckies at Burton's Pond today. i never get tired of seeing their enthusiastic beaks quacking away at me! lol

wow, i've only run 21k this week so far. a good chance i will beat my personal-weekly-low of this year, which is 38.3. oh well, nothing wrong with that. it is the offseason! and i am only one short swim away from my 6th highest weekly swim total of the year.. the plan is being executed to perfection!


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