Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009 - weekly update

oh my, i haven't been on here for a few days. it's been a busy week. i returned to Memorial University today to speak with another group of students. this time, it was a classroom full of soon-to-be social workers, as part of a social justice course. i was joined by 2 other local members of the LGBTQ community as we told our stories and fielded questions.

it's also been a musical week for me, taking in a couple of concerts here in St. John's. my 3rd and 4th concerts of the year.. hard to believe i actually attended more than 50 concerts per year back in the early 2000s when i lived in Toronto. Newfoundland doesn't get very many big-name mainland artists, but we had Murray MacLauchlin, Canadian 1960s folk singer, who shared the stage with Newfoundland music icon Ron Hynes. The next night, it was 80s pop rocker Rick Springfield in town.

it's been a good taper week for me as i prepare for sunday's 3rd annual Cape Spear to Cabot Tower 20K road race, one of the toughest 20k courses in all of the world, due to the extremely challenging hills. i ran 14k on monday, 14k on tuesday, then took a break wed and thurs. it's also been 3 days off from swimming after two strong swims sunday and monday. the focus has been on rest and recovery, as the knees are still feeling the affects of the Sept 27th Newfoundland Marathon.

it's been a disappointing month of job searching so far, with a series of rejection letters from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, including a few from the very office where i used to work. I am now expanding my job search even further than ever before, with resumes being sent to places like Yellowknife and Whitehorse!


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