Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009 - brutal week

well, the knees and quad muscles are recovering from sunday's run. they were quite sore for the first 48 hours afterwards.

i've spent a great deal of time this week over at the hospital visiting 2 friends who are in there for various issues. our hospital system is grossly understaffed and emergency patients often spend 24-48 hours sitting on a stretcher in the hallways before they get access to hospital beds.. really not a good situation at all..

miserable weather all week here in Nfld with temps in the 2-5 degree range and almost a constant flow of light rain. more of the same in the many days ahead, and perhaps even some snow or freezing rain on friday and saturday.

there are two 5k charity runs this weekend but i think my status will be doubtful for both. staying up all night at the hospital last night will likely take a few days to recover, and i really don't think i will want to wake up at 7 am for races this weekend.. but you never know!


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