Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009 - restful week

not much running this week as i give my knees and quads a chance to recover from the torturous 20k road race from sunday, the Cape to Cabot race. i had a really strong but short swim yesterday, 2.1k in 29 minutes. only a greand total of 44.9k of running this week, including 26 on sunday.

i will plan to run two 5k charity runs this weekend, saturday, it's the "MUN run" a 5k treck around the campus of Memorial University to raise money for their athletic program. i got a nice Memorial SeaHawks hat for registering for this one. Then on sunday, it will be a 5k run around the lovely trails of long pond to raise money and awareness for Autism. this will be exciting and will force me to get to bed early and have early morning wake up calls, which will also prepare me for Monday's job interview with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's department of Tourism Culture and Recreation.

meanwhile, my best friend continues to remain hospitalized with a painful condition that will likely require rest and medication for another 4-6 days. i've been over to visit every day.

on a positive note, i found a needle in a haystack this week! a very very rare copy of Ron Hynes' 1998 CD Standing In Line In The Rain. this CD went out of print shortly after its release and finding a copy has literally been impossible. i managed to find a used copy for sale online for just $15. the current street value for a copy of this disk is $150! not a bad score at all. and it is great music too!


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Ainsley said...

Best wishes for fast recovery of your friend. Applaud your participation in chartiy runs for MUN and autism. Cheers, Ainsley