Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009 - swimming mania!

well, i decided to skip the 5k charity run this morning in favour of sleeping in. it's been a rough week with not very many good sleeps due to the high level of stress and anxiety in my life. the good news is that my friends are both out of hospital now and are on the mend at home. it's amazing how challenging the health care system is here. neither really got the right care while there were hospitalized. it's shameful that the resources are so low that even basic needs can't be met by existing hospital staff.

i finally got out for a light run this afternoon over to the duck pond with some bird seed, where i was met with some very hungry and enthusiastic ducks.. lol guess not too many people are out feeding them in rainy 2 degree weather.

after tuning into my pay-per-view football package, and watching my KC chiefs drop yet another game, i decided to head out for another light run over to the pool, where i was full of energy! i set my third personal best of the year, with a 26 minute swim of 1.5k. then i continued on to swim almost as strong for another 1.5k set - ending the day with 3.35k in 61 minutes.

i am hoping to make several trips to the pool this week in hopes of making October my second highest swimming month in terms of quantity. i swam my 300th km of the year today, which is a far cry from the 642k i had swam by this time last year. oh well, i will be running less and swimming more for the remaining 11 weeks of the year, so my totals are bound to increase. i will have to be careful not to overdo it though as too much too soon too fast can hurt the arm muscles..

there is only a small chance that i will swim competitively in 2010, but if i do, its nice to know that my swimming is almost as good as it was from my pre-op days. testosterone loss is not nearly as much of a factor in swimming as technique is, given that the body weight is insignificant in the pool.


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