Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010 - double run!

well, another good sleep had me ready for not one, but two lengthy runs today. a 12.2k in the late morning and a 10.8k in the mid afternoon. great to get out for a run in the cool fresh air, and really nice to enjoy running at Kent's pond, where the baby duckies are so cute!

i also spent several hours cuddling with my lovely cats. I have now had the cats for 3 weeks, and already, i can't imagine how i lived without them. they are officially part, and an important part, of the household! They both want to send out a loud Meow!! to all the blog readers tonight.

well, it's been a great week for me.. here's the stats:

8 days
108 km run
0 timbits
2 garden salads
2 greek salads
3 pounds lost!


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