Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010 - 5k race, of sorts

well, i ran the Burton Pond 5k road race with Kim today. Kim has been dealing with some serious headache and dizziness problems so we just took it slow and gentle out there. we fed the ducks before the race, which was fun. after the race, i hit the course on my own and gave it my all in a 5k training run, my unofficial burton's pond 5k, if you will. i ran the course in 28.28. i felt pretty good considering i had just run a light 5k with kim in 43.51 and considering i had run two marathons in the past 13 days.

well, i have officially decided to run at least 1 marathon in may, and possible more, depending on my ability to secure cheap plane tickets! Fredericton is in, and Mississauga, Halifax, and Ottawa are all on the radar.


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