Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10, 2010 - Candace Sutherland Interview uploaded

On Saturday morning, i met up with Candace Sutherland, who is in the process of running across Canada to raise money for charity. We turned on the video camera for about 25 minutes of our 2 hour meeting. The footage can now be seen here:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four



nwtrunner said...

Watched all 4 segments and enjoyed them.

On FB today (24 May) Candace posted that she's sore, tired, sick of running, and generally sounding rather despondent. Hope that she just needs a bit of rest and then can get back at it.

There's a good reason that only a few people have ran, or even tried to run, across Canada.

nwtrunner said...

Jennifer - I posted this on Canadian Running magazine's website "Forum" under "Running Across Canada" - you guys were wondering in the interview about how many people have done this and it got me thinking/wondering too! I had to laugh when I found out that a Cape Bretoner walked across in 1906 on a bet!!!

Candace Sutherland, a 17-yr-old woman from Manitoba, is currently in western New Brunswick making her way across Canada - she began in St John’s on 13 March. I saw an interview of Candace just this evening and they got to wondering about how many people have run across Canada. I did some rooting around and found the first person to walk across was John Hugh Gillis in 1906 (he did it on a bet! and went from Cape Breton to Vancouver). The first to run was Mark Kent in 1974 and he did it in 112 days from Victoria to St John’s. We all know about Terry Fox’s attempt in 1980 and then there was Steve Fonyo from 31 Mar 1984 to 29 May 1985. I have recollections of a fellow named Brendan Kelly who did it sometime around early to mid-1980s but can’t find anything about him and there are a million results for “Brendan Kelly” in Google! Does anybody out there know any more details on Kelly? Or am I making it up??! Wayne Cho ran from St John’s to Victoria 23 May 2008 to 11 June 2009 and then a Mark Greaves plans to go to St John’s to start on 2 April 2011. So, Candace is the first and only woman to make the attempt that I can find and I strongly recommend that you check her website at http://www.candacesutherland.com to find out more about her. And anybody that knows more about Kelly’s run (his first name might not be Brendan - my memory is vague!) - then please post it on here. Or anything else about cross-Canada running. A very extreme sport indeed!