Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1, 2010 - Snubbed by 2010 Gay Games Cologne

Well, the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne Germany have officially snubbed me and many other early-stage transitioners from competing. they have refused to let me compete in the female division, nor are they willing to create a transsexual category. It's either run as male or don't run. So much for inclusion and acceptance! BOYCOTT the Gay Games folks!!!

Although they are not requiring full sex reassignment surgery, or even gonadectomy, they do require a minimum of 2 years of hormone therapy. As of the start of the Gay Games, i will technically fall 2 weeks short of 2 years on estrogen, hence, i will technically not quite make their cut off. i suppose i could go and try to argue my case, but that's not the point. this is not about me. it is about inclusion and acceptance of all, and if they are going to ask even 1 transwoman to compete as a male, then this is a place that i don't want to be.

I find it ironic that i have recently been asked to deliver a presentation about homophobia in sport. Now i will get to talk about transphobia in sport within the gay sports community. How sad!



Kelly Stevens said...

Hello Jennifer,

I am on the board of the Federation of Gay Games. This is the first any of us at the parent organisation (FGG) heard of your problem participating. Several people will be contacting Cologne Gay Games to see if this is true and if a waiver can be given. The Gay Games never discriminates on gender. There must be a solution.

I do understand how some women in your new group might feel slighted, by bending a gender rule, but this seems like something that should be done. After all, the Gay Games tend to bend many sports rules to allow more people to participate than any world multi-sport event.

Many, many trans people participate every Gay Games cycle. You would have a great time, I promise.

Jennifer McCreath said...

Hi Kelly, i'm glad to see that my post got your attention. it disappoints me that my e-mails to the Gay Games were essentially ignored for 8 months, save for this sent by Milana Djordjevic:

Dear Jennifer,

I'm sorry that you didn't hear from me for such a long time. Unfortunately, the Organisation Committee of the Gay Games 2010 didn't make any real effort to elaborate on the new Transgender-Guidelines. In this situation I did not see any other way but as to resign from my position as advisor for matters concerning transsexuality. Sincerely, Milana Djordjevic


ignored e-mails, and inducing Milana to resign are not encouraging for me at all, nor is the FGG policy. i can understand the rationale behind a 2 year waiting period for estrogen and t-blockers for pre-ops and non-ops, but in terms of post-ops, i would highly recommend you look at a shorter waiting period. i can speak from first hand experience about the speed in which a body demasculinizes after gonadectomy.

it's no secret who i am, yet nobody from either the GG or the FGG bothered to invite me into any policy consultation processes.

as far as Cologne goes for me, it's too little too late. i have already finalized my summer race plans and already maxed out my 2010 travel budget, and will be running other marathons with organizations that were much more communicative and willing to make me feel welcome.

i'm glad you at least have some transpeople involved at your event (although i assume that they are all stealth), but i really think having an out transperson would open the door for a great opportunity for media blitzes and speaking engagements.

it's a shame that i won't be at Cologne because after the Caster Semenya debacle, this would have been a great chance for us as the LGBTQ community to right some of the wrongs done by the IOC. major opportunity lost.