Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unfortunate McCreath-Sanders on-air incident turns into positive donation for Gender Rights Maryland!

On Sunday night, I called into a sports radio talk show, the RCRW Show, to discuss the pro wrestling event that had just taken place, and I found myself being hung up on by the host, Lee Sanders, because he was under the false impression that he was receiving a prank call. Seems the male-sounding voice of a female caller was enough to spook him.  I was taken aback because I have had a lovely tweeting relationship with Lee, CEO of Enfinity 1 Productions, for the past two years, and understood him to be knowledgeable and respectful towards trans issues and members of the trans community.  But it seems he was caught off guard, as my call was unexpected.

Anyway, the good news is that he apologized to me, both off air and on air, and has offered to make it up with a donation to a trans advocacy organization of my choice.

Ultimately, much good has come out of this ordeal as it can be chalked up as a lessons-learned for everyone. The best part of this for me, was to have the host openly discuss trans issues, and express tolerance and acceptance of trans people, in an environment not known for trans acceptance, the sporting world, and specifically, the pro wrestling world.

In a world that stills seems to have a hard time coming to accept the fact that there is at least one gay man in the National Basketball Association, to have a talk show host of a pro wrestling show express open acceptance towards trans people, and to speak highly of my specifically, is an awesome feather in our cap.

Furthermore, given that this talk show originates from the Washington, DC area, and given the fact that I had been a victim of transphobic attacks by Maryland 'rad feminists', I decided to direct this donation to Gender Rights Maryland Foundation, an organization that has worked hard to combat transphobia, and fight for the inclusion of human rights protection for trans people.

You can view a video of the initial incident, as well as my reaction, here,

and you can view a subsequent video of the host's on-air appology, and my reaction, here.

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