Saturday, May 25, 2013

Canadian Transsexual donates to Oklahoma Tornado Relief 5/22/2013

Well, it's no secret that the mid-west states are among the most homophobic and transphobic of them all. Their lack of human rights protection, combined with social attitudes (often influenced by religion) have meant that gay and trans people in the state of Oklahoma are among the most vulnerable in the USA.

When the tornado struck last week, killing several dozen people, many of whom were elementary school children, three thoughts immediately crossed my mind: 1) oh my goodness, people have lost loved ones, been injured and or lost their homes. 2) wow, Oklahoma is among the most transphobic states of them all, and 3) wouldn't it be ironic if a trans person, such as myself, made a small cash donation that would ultimately help some of these folks, transphobic or not.

Those of you who know me, will recognize that I rarely do things quietly. You will also be well aware that I like to parlay multiple issues into single opportunities. So, queue this issue. First of all, I raised eye brows when I decided that it was a good time to remind folks of Oklahoma's terrible record of treating gay and trans people. But then I followed up with a $40 donation to the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

Yes folks, trans people can be among those who are fortunate enough to help others too, it's not just us complaining that we don't have rights or don't have enough money!


torontonorth said...

the first thing that came to mind when I read your post was that you should have stopped at your first point. the rest is just you grandstanding and trying (again) to make everything about you. shame on you. make the donation because people need assistance, and keep your nonsense in check

Jennifer McCreath said...

definitely nothing selfish or grandstanding here. it's called activism.... when a vulnerable minority group have their basic rights taken away, they do everything they can to raise awareness....