Monday, May 20, 2013

Proof I am Sane! - McCreath rests injury! LOL

5/11/2013 sat - OFF sore knees, exhausted
5/12/2013 sun - OFF sore knees
5/13/2013 mon - OFF rest knees
5/14/2013 tues - OFF rest knees
5/15/2013 wed - 1.50k right knee buckled
5/16/2013 thur - OFF exhausted
5/17/2013 fri - 3.00
5/18/2013 sat - off exhausted
5/19/2013 sun - 3.30
5/20/2013 mon - off exhausted

Well, it's definitely been a rough 10 days for me. But at the very least, I can feel proud to know when I need to take a break. 2 years ago, I ran 3 marathons in 14 days, when i should have run none, and i paid the ultimate price with chronic knee problems that continue to plague me today. I'm sure those runs also played a role in the eventual collapse of my right calcaneofibular ankle ligament. Oh well, 7.8k over 10 days looks funny in the training log, but it is a necessity at this point. I can only hope that I will feel better next week. But this is a good sign that I am starting to figure out my limits, and learn when I have to take a break!

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