Tuesday, May 7, 2013

McCreath injures ACL!

Perhaps one of the interesting benefits of being a marathon runner, is the necessity to gain a better understanding of our body. One specific body part you come to study closely, is the knee.  Bones, tendons, ligaments, meniscus, etc. Oh my, so much going on inside the knee. Learning what does what, has been important. This specifically becomes important when suffering minor injuries.

Yesterday, I suffered the unfortunate need to revisit this chart, and subsequent websites, to attempt to pinpoint yet another running injury. Sunday afternoon, I took an awkward step on my, infamously injured right ankle. This forced a twisted and somewhat unstable/unplanned landing on the left leg, which put some stress and twists on the knee.  Unplanned twists or trauma are usually cause for injury. In this case, it appears that my ACL, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament was asked to stretch a little more than it is used to.

So yes folks, I have a torn ACL - albeit a very minor tear, in my left leg.  There could also be meniscus damage too.  Amazingly, it appears this is something I can self-diagnose and self-treat. Perhaps the benefits of already having ligament and tendon injuries, is that I have gained a strong understanding of the physio rehab protocol.  So, at this point, I am planning to try to manage this on my own.  But if things don't improve over the next week, I will definitely seek out a doctor who can hopefully get me access to an MRI (something I have been trying to get for my ankle, unsuccessfully, for the past 19 months).

Ultimately, this means that there will be no running for me, for an indefinite period of time - and this really sucks, given how much momentum I have managed to stir up over the past nine weeks, as I have finally re-entered marathon-training mode, after an 18 month down time, due to the right ankle ligament.

Oh well, I suppose this is what I need to expect, as a 39 year old, over-weight runner.  You can learn more about my injury by watching my latest vlog here.

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