Thursday, May 2, 2013

My reaction to women media invading mens sports locker rooms 5/2/2013

Well, I know the topic has come up from time to time. Should females be allowed in male locker rooms if their purpose is to conduct sports journalism with professional athletes right after games and matches concluded?

The concept of cross-sex dressing room and washroom access is one that I am all too familiar with, as a member of the transgender/transsexual community. Ultimately, I think people are motivated simply by the fear of the unknown - hence the term phobia, which means irrational fear of the unknown. Here's a comment I added to CBC's national news weblink of the latest story:

"As a transgender woman who has had to put up with crap about not being welcomed or accepted in womens' spaces, it's ironically nice to see the shoe on the other foot. You rarely hear stories about men being uncomfortable with women invading their men-only space. Ultimately, I think there needs to be a compromise. All people deserve to have changing room space that respects their need for dignity and privacy. At the same time, it is important that media - all media - has access to pro sports athletes for comments after games are played. Perhaps it's time to partition dressing rooms so that certain spots are off limits to all media, and certain parts are on limits, to all media."

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