Monday, May 20, 2013

After 14000 km, McCreath ditches Asics for Saucony Oasis!

Well, I have officially given up on Asics 2100 series shoes. After running  14000 km on Asics 2120 and 2130 series shoes, I learned the hard way that 2140 and beyond contained a modified inner sole that causes blisters to anyone with wide feet. I also had the same problem with their new GT-2000 shoe.

After 4 months on an old 2007 model of K-Swiss tennis court shoes, to provide extra stability to my torn ankle ligament, I discovered Saucony by chance, in a bargain bin at Winners the other day. Turns out that I really like this shoe so far and will look forward to giving it a go. due to injury, I have not had a long run on these shoes yet, but so far, the short runs have felt great.   Even more exciting, seems one of my cats approve of these shoes too! hehe.

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