Monday, July 30, 2012

Regroup & Refocus - A Swimmer, Again? A Real Swimmer this time?

So just as I was getting back into the running groove a few weeks ago, tweak! The ligament stretched so hard it was painful to even walk for 2 weeks. Feeling dejected that my career as a distance runner my really have to be over, I was feeling extremely frustrated. Not so much that I couldn't run anymore (although that was and is a tough loss I am still trying to cope with accepting), but with the fact that it literally ended outside of my own terms, from a freak injury last November that literally climax over night as I was sleeping. I always envisioned that my first ligament injury would come with a loud SNAP! as i struggled to climb up a hill during a road race, but no, it all happened when I was sleeping. Now seriously, the overuse was the major cause, and the straw that broke the camel's back was literally just waiting to happen.  But here we are 9 and a half months later, and I am barely better by 10%, if that.

I tested the ankle today with 8k of running, and after 7, I was on a bench stretching it out. I don't think it has never been so painful!  I finished slowly, but realized that I can't do this much longer.  The good news is that the run was considered the cross-training, as the primary event was swimming. yes, after 27 months, I have decided to return to the water - starting with open water pond swimming, until I get the arms back in  shape to the point where it is worth my while to get back into the pool for extended sessions.

Yes, I have decided to take up swimming again, and feel I have the energy to do it.  looking back at my swimming log (which I kept as part of my running log, as I swam as cross-training to help build endurance when i ran so much I couldn't run the knees any more. I was a great little swimmer who was very dedicated - I swam 5 times a week, including at least 1 mega 2 hour marathon swim.

My participation at World Outgames as a marathoner was the primary reason, but how fun to step into the pool the very next day, and swim the 1500M freestyle.  In 2009, my swimming role was that of a novelty.  Not much else.

But you know, as I battle the gays and lesbians over Pride, I have decided to take a serious but friendly approach to this next challenge. I want to swim so well over the next two years that I can call myself a swimmer who sometimes runs, not the other way around. I want to get into the pool and do 1500M and get into the open water lake and do the 2 miles. Two races, two events, 9th edition of the Gay Games - as presented by the Federation of Gay Games, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, in August 2014. I'll be a 'master' in age, and by classification. So, who not set a goal to hit the pool and lake and beat all the gays and lesbians and bring home some serious gold medals for the trans community, this time, as a female! 

So there it is. The long-term athletics goals are on the table. To be the best at this event! Transitioned will attempt to defeat all Cis competitors. I'm not just looking to win my age group, but to be overall winner! Let's see if I can do it. And let's see if the often-closeted LGB athletics community will come out and accept my challenge!

So that's Augusut 2014 in Cleveland.  So, Cleveland" you say? Well, it's close to my many friends in Toronto, Kitchener, London, and Windsor, I am sure there will be a few social events on the way. Maybe even a few newly recruited trans athletic colleagues making the trip across the border to one of my old favourite towns!

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Jenna said...

Good luck with the swap to swimming. I'm going to be changing my focus to swimming in 2014 too. I'm aiming to try and do a 10K open water swim in 2015.

I've got to get back into the pool myself soon as I need to start improving my swimming as I'm planning on doing an Ironman distance triathlon next July.