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Innaugural Newfoundland Trans Pride Event!


Newfoundland Trans Visibility & Trans Pride Flag-Waving Event!

Monday July 16, 2012 at 4.30 - 5.00 pm, Colonial Building, St. John's, NL

When organization co-founder and Head, Jennifer McCreath resigned from St. John's Pride Inc. in March, she was cautiously optimistic that the new Board members would take steps to rectify the isolation she felt it had caused to members of the transgender, transsexual, and transitioned population. Unfortunately, this was not totally realized, in her opinion. The cancellation of the long-standing traditional panel discussion on queer health care issues, and their decision to deny Jennifer's request to speak at their flag-raising event at St. John's City Hall, about trans health and human rights, has left some major gaps.

With this in mind, Jennifer has taken the lead in organizing the first ever Trans Pride event in this Province: one that will focus on education, awareness, visibility, and advocacy. This event is not intended to compete with St. John's Pride events, but will serve to fill these gaps. With this in mind, the Trans Pride event will take place at a time and location that will not directly conflict with any of their published events.

Following the footsteps of separate Trans Pride events that have popped up in recent years in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax, McCreath hopes that this event will serve to build a stronger Newfoundland & Labrador provincial Trans community, as well as better educate the general public on trans issues.

This event will also serve as a launch for two citizen petitions that will be submitted to the Provincial Government: one that asks the Minister of Justice to provide explicit Human Rights protection for trans people, and one that asks the Minister of Health to bring trans health funding programs in line with global best-practices.

While trans-focused, this event is intended for everybody, including gay/lesbian allies, heterosexual allies, politicians, and the media. Jennifer encourages everyone to attend and promises that everyone will be treated by her with love and respect in a friendly, non-confrontational environment.

More information:
Jennifer McCreath  
709-753-9529 twitter: @jenn_mccreath

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Event Agenda:

- Welcome and Keynote address by Jennifer McCreath:
- The dichotomy between sexual orientation and gender identity
- Terminology 101: transgender, transsexual, transitioned, drag queen, cross-dresser, transvestite, cis
- The mental illness myth: report of the 2013 declassification by the American Psychiatric Association
- Transition age & timetable: how and why youth support groups aren't enough
- Review of this year's changes to Trans Human Rights in the rest of Canada vs Newfoundland
- Government Health funding denied: a review of Jennifer's recent loss at the Human Rights Commission
- Brief history of the Transgender Pride Flag

- other speakers TBA

- Flag-Waving Photo op

- Trans Rights and Trans Health Petitions

- Press Conference: questions from the audience and the media

- Post event informal coffee/supper networking-social at nearby cafe or restaurant

Keynote Biography:

Jennifer McCreath is one of Canada's best-known trans advocates. She transitioned from male to female during 2007-2011 and now currently identifies as a transitioned woman. She has successfully undertaken a variety of trans advocacy and policy work. She penned a gender-inclusion policy for the 2009 World Outgames, an international sporting event for the LGBT community, and secured its deployment, and became one of the first formally-sanctioned transsexual athletes in world history. She also co-wrote a membership policy for Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health. She also co-founded the East Coast Trans Alliance and is in the process of founding the Newfoundland Patients Association for Transsexual Health. In 2011, Jennifer produced and hosted the first ever Trans-specific event on the steps of Newfoundland's Confederation building, which attracted mainstream media attention. Jennifer currently offers free peer support and advice to transitioning and questioning individuals.

Jennifer also played a key role in founding St. John's Pride Inc., in 2010, and co-produced and directed a made-for-television panel discussion on queer health care issues in 2011. She also organized a partnership with the Provincial Government and co-produced and emceed the inaugural Pride Week Variety Show at the Arts and Culture Centre, in 2011. Jennifer has also delivered presentations and lectures to audiences ranging from university classes to legislative review committees. She has also been featured at pride and/or trans events in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

Jennifer has also been an active member in other community advocacy projects, having delivered speeches at live events to raise awareness over matters including police violence at a G20 Summit, concern over the closure of the House of Assembly, and the promotion of Government transparency. Jennifer is also a regular volunteer at the Terry Rielly Teddy Bears' Picnic. Jennifer has frequently appeared on mainstream television, radio, and in newspapers to be interviewed on a variety of issues, and she maintains a very active print blog and video blog.

Jennifer is also well known as a marathon runner, having successfully completed 30 in her career - including twice at the Boston Marathon. Jennifer currently resides and works full time in St. John's as a civil servant in the field of information management. She intends to seek election to public office in the near future. She is also an avid animal lover and animal-rights activist.

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