Thursday, July 19, 2012

latest rant against trans-invisibility & double-standards by gay pride

Hello blog readers. This was going to be a facebook status but it got too long. So heck, I might as well post it here. I think it's important for folks all over the world to see just how badly the double-standard exists. When I did something for Pride last year, it was a terrible idea. but when gays do it this year, it's a great idea! and the silence and invisibility.  they are doing the very same things to me that i was falsely accused of doing to them!

Hi Vannie. u know i love u. but this 'pride inc board at the front' concept seems disgustingly ironic. for 18 months, all i heard was 'narcissistic Jennifer is trying to steal the spotlight'. well, i NEVER put my picture or bio on pride website. i earned respect and credibility for the org thru my respectful and credible personal reputation, and thru hard work. i brought city grants, provincial department of tourism resources, and a 60 minute educational panel on rogers tv, to pride for the first time.  i didn't nor don't have to self-promote.

sorry but things like 'frisk fetish' and 'zha zha la-whore night', is why buddy from Edmonton on the radio called in today. his image of LGBT is that of a near-naked, sex-craving, sexual predator, who is full of diseases.

this is why people are afraid to introduce me to their kids. this is why i can't get hired as an analyst, it's why folks consider me a threat on airplanes and in bathrooms. this is why trans are still considered mentally ill and don't have explicit human rights..

i heard robyn, luke, susan, noah, etc on cbc radio today talk pride for 52 minutes. don't get me wrong - i actually really really do like robyn and i genuinely mean that. but no trans comments at all! ironic that susan called in and said something like 'if you are invisible, then you are perceived to be unworthy' ...well this is EXACTLY what is happening to trans people.

many talked about how i needed to leave the board so pride could go 'back to the community' ..well, after stating u would publicize ALL community events, u refused to recognize or publish my trans flag waving event - an event that was covered by the Telegram! they felt it was worthy of recognition! u r attempting to censor and silence the trans community. it's a myth that the gay community can, and is doing, a good job speaking for trans people and trans issues. u are making it harder for us to speak for ourselves!

funny, incorporating pride was a terrible idea for 18 months, but as soon as i left, nobody seemed concerned. let's face it. the gay community tolerates trans, but certainly does not embrace them or want them as 'LGBT' leaders.

this new board has shown me essentially no respect (both before and after the Taavel blog post). quite frankly, i am extremely disgusted. i DO feel alone and i DO NOT feel welcome or accepted. that's why i skipped reception, bonfire, and variety show this week. and that's why i organized trans flag event.

u bumped me from city hall cuz i was a lower 'priority'? well, what was priority? tons of gay people and tons of cis politicians?  well, time for me to do the same.  i am going to skip your parade and attend another community event where i feel more welcome/equal, and where i can make a stronger trans visibility impact. stay tuned!


Jerry said...
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Jerry said...

I would also like to point out that fetish night is a very, very old event within this city. Drag variety shows are also have a long history in the LGBT community.

There are fifteen official Pride Week events listed. Of those fifteen, nine of them aren't 19+. There's a really good mix of events.

Leon LeCool said...
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trans* person said...

hello, can somebody please explain to me what a "tran" is? i thought at first she might be talking about trans* people, but that would be an extremely distasteful way to refer to trans* people. i know that a person with a trans* history would never do that.

Anonymous said...
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