Monday, July 30, 2012

Mount Pearl Family Fun Day report

Well, I traveled to Mount Pearl a week ago Sunday with a new focus in my role as a transitioned woman, that being, to simply try to live a somewhat regular life. Attending a city-lead celebration entitled "Family Fun Day" complete with Teddy Bear's Picnic, Scavanger hunt, plastic Duck race, and birthday cake, was my first step.  Not surprisingly, it was not an inconspicuous appearance for me, as my reputation preceded me.  The featured musician, Terry Rielly - a local legend best-known for his annual teddy bear picnic children's concert, took advantage of the opportunity to introduce me to the audience as an example of the wonderful value of embracing diversity. He then proceeded to debut a new original tune "All Kinds of Love", which literally brought me to tears.

After the concert, there was a cake-cutting ceremony, featuring Mayor Randy Simms (depicted left of me), and Provincial Member of Parliament, Conservative Party member Paul Lane (depicted right of me).  The Mayor also hosts a well-know radio talk show, and keeps a close eye on my twitter feed.  He had read my press release and was aware that I was attending! How cool was that?  We had a brief chat, ironically enough, about teenage bullying in Mount Pearl high schools.  Paul and I had exchanged many e-mails and tweets over the past year, so we were already quite familiar with each other, but it was really nice to finally meet him in person. We had a great chat that included topics ranging from parliamentary proceedings, politics on twitter, to trans health, human rights, and pride week festivities. 

I also had the chance to meet with a couple of non-profit organizations - one that deals with crime-prevention, and one that deals with environmental-clean-up work.  In total, I met many amazing people who care about their City and their province. While I may never totally blend into any public event, given my rather well-known prominence as a public figure from my various television and radio features, it was nice to know that a group of people, and an event, that might be considered 'traditional' and 'conservative' were extremely welcoming towards me.  I will look forward to having more opportunities to get involved in community events like this, where the theme has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity.

depicted below:

  • Terry Rielly sings with Teddy Bears and volunteers from the audience
  • Mayor Simms cuts cake with children looking on
  • Beautiful waterfall in the area
  • Ducks at the Pond near by

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