Sunday, July 8, 2012

still a runner?

Well, they say statistics don't lie....

Overall km run:

2007: 2912.2
2008: 3611.6
2009: 4002.0
2010: 2242.7
2011: 1114.0

1st 1/2 2012: 218.0

Number of Marathons:

2007: 5
2008: 7
2009: 7
2010: 6
2011: 5

1st 1/2 2012: Zero

What I once ran in 10 days, i now just ran in the past 6 months.  June 30, 2012 was a tough day for me. it was a chance to reflect on the first half of the year, and was also the day I attended the funeral of an amazingly talented young athlete who was tragically hit by a car. As one opportunity was lost, I reflected and decided that it was time for one opportunity to begin - again!

I had used my torn ligaments as an excuse to do practically no running in June, but I realized this was just a lame excuse. I ran on it in May, and didn't make it any worse. It's tough dealing with depression, but that can't be an excuse either. It's all about wanting it bad enough and making it a priority.

One positive thing out of the first half of this year, is that i managed to lose 9 pounds!  This is mostly due to change in diet and walking more. Getting in shape is extremely important for life. Whether I run, walk, swim, or do other activities, I have to get into better shape if I expect to live a better life.

I know this is something I want to do. there will be no expectations with regards to living up to, or comparing myself to who and what I was. I had some amazing running success in 2008, and although there's no reason to believe I can't reach those heights again, there are other factors to consider.

So it's back to basics.  On July 4, I broke in a new pair of shoes, my 36th pair since Jan 2007.  In 4 days, I have had 4 light runs in the 4-5k range. Nothing to special, but a good start. Getting out there for a light run everyday is the only way to start putting together some consistency. 

So as Yogi once said: It's Deja-vu all over again!  Much like Jan 2007, we start out with no expectations other than to get out there every day and build from there.  Older doesn't mean can't. Look no further than locals like Meaney, Ryan, Bulgin, Barron and Steele to prove that!

I may not be officially 'back' yet, but i've at least found the road again! Let the journey begin!


torontonorth said...

Jennifer, good to see such a realistic post on running. Sounds like you are ready to embark on a reasonable training plan utilizing the basics of foundation building. If you stick to it, you'll be sure to enjoy the results. Good luck on your journey!

Jennifer McCreath said...