Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011 - Pac 12 title game for lame ducks?

so we have UCLA Bruins playing Oregon Ducks for the so-called conference title game. Oregon tied Stanford for the best record within conference play in the north division, and wins that tiebreaker to host the game. UCLA gets in with a miserable overall record of 6-6 because division winner Southern Cal faces disqualification from playoffs as penalty for something school administrators did 5 years ago. UCLA was so awful that they fired their coach before this game even happened.

So we basically have the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference playing for the right to go to the Rose Bowl. So as expected, Oregon destroyed UCLA and will go to the Rose Bowl, while conference-best Stanford waits to see whether or not they will get to play in the National Championship game (they are hoping to sneak in the back door by having other top teams lose their last game of the year.

Meanwhile, down south, LSU plays Georgia in a game where LSU can still lose their conference and end up in the National championship game, while #2 alabama sits and waits to see whether or not they will get into the National title game, or miss the BCS outright (if Georgia wins, they get to play the Sugar Bowl, which may force Alabama right down to the Cotton Bowl).

so some conferences have championship games while others simply award their title to the best regular season record. some teams can be helped by having to play a conference title game, while other's risk harm. others are helped by not having to play one, while others miss the chance to pad their style points.

meanwhile, someone from the big east will play a BCS game while none of them really deserve to be there.

houston and boise have both had great seasons, yet a school like michigan who can't even qualify for their conference title game - sits back and may get a spot simply based on their historical popularity.

while i will wait til the games of today are over to tell you who i think will go to the bcs and who i think SHOULD go, i will say that i think the best 10 teams should be there, as that is the goal of the BCS, isn't it??

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