Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 24, 2011 East Coast Trans Alliance won't incorporate

It's with sadness that i announce that the East Coast Trans Alliance will not become ECTA Inc., at least not at this time. After consultations with would be fellow incorporators, we all determined that it would be in the best interests of all that we not incorporate an entity at this time. 

On a personal note, i find it ironic to take note that one of the main challenges in building up the ECTA brand name here in Newfoundland, was due to an unintentional competitor, that being, the brand name of myself as an individual. I guess it should be a compliment that Jennifer McCreath has worked so hard to be an out and recognized trans advocate, that when people need help, they come to me directly, and not seek assistance from an organization such as what the ECTA was supposed to be.

Sadly, i can't be everything to everyone as an individual, and that's why i took steps to try to put together a recognized organization.  Oh well, perhaps some other time.  But for now, this is disappointing because there is only so much i can do as an individual. Even worse, due to a variety of other commitments and priorities, being a volunteer transition consultant to ad hoc e-mailers will have to take a step back on my list. 

Anyway, i am sure there will be lessons learned out of this - and not all is lost, the ECTA name will carry on as an informal org, at least for now.


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