Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 22, 2011 - McCreath quits PFLAG over pro-choice alliance

It's been an interesting week. here's bits n pieces from two pieces of correspondence i have sent to the Transgender Education Committee, who report to the national executive for PFLAG Canada:----------------------------------
It is with deep regret that I announce my decision to leave this group. It was recently brought to my attention that PFLAG's Newfoundland Chapter was not only relaunched by folks who represent a controversial organzation known as Planned Parenthood Newfoundland, but that they have now formally partnered with them. This organization stands for several things that i do not support. Most importantly, their anti - St. John's Pride Inc. stance, and their position in the pro-life/pro-choice debate.
Integrity and values are extremely important to me, and I don't feel it appropriate to volunteer for a PFLAG committee that reports to the National Executive, if I do not even feel comfortable attending meetings of my Local Chapter, nor supporting or endorsing their work. is definitely a sad decision, but one that was rather easy for me to make. i cannot express how disappointed i am to see PFLAG (even if only in Newfoundland) alligning directly with an organization who's primary mandate is pregnancies and abortions.

The day's gonna come when scientific technology will allow us to tell if a fetus is going to be born LGBT, and when that time comes, most LGBT people will die before they are even born. if my parents knew i was gonna be born trans, i would have likely been aborted.... hearing a parent say words to that effect, hit me very hard.

people like me deserve a chance to be born. sure being trans is challenging, but it's still very much a life worth living! planned parenthood apparently seems to think otherwise. they must be stopped.   

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Anonymous said...

Isn't strange how people see something that is different from the norm as a bad thing? It's a sad world, with far too many shallow minded people in it. Good job on standing against such bigotry!

manic.stars said...

Its unfortunate you cannot take any sort of criticism or debate and resort to deleting any comments contradictory to your stance on an issue.

"Open and transparent" unless it comes to yourself, I guess?

Kristine Kruszelnicki said...

I applaud you for your decision. Know that you are not alone. I hope you will be able to find likeminded company in a group like PLAGAL - the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (

I'd love to help you start a chapter here in Canada, should you be interested.

Jennifer McCreath said...

manic, it is my right to remove comments that contain personal attcks and those that go off topic. the blog is about the suitability of a pp/pflag merger. this is not the right place to argue pro-life vs pro-abortion. there are other websites where you can do that.