Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011 - Tebowmania?

Appologizes for those who come to my blog to read about trans issues, but i can't help but enter two football posts today. i think i have actually been pretty good about limiting the football talk on here this season. interestingly enough, if this is a blog about my life, then there probably should be tons more football talk on here, as from sept til january, i am literally glued to all 5 of my tv sets keeping an eye on as many games as i can find. football is a great escape from the daily challenges in life that i face for being an out transsexual living in newfoundland canada.

anyway - let's talk a little Tebow. Here's a guy who although has a rather awkward style of football play, managed to take his college team to a championship.  but everyone says he can't win in the NFL because his style of play and his weaknesses won't allow him to win. the guy has intangible factors that make him a winner, despite his apparent football limitations. he is a born leader. he doesn't just try to win or expect to win, he demands it from himself and his entire team. when his florida gators actually lost a football game for the first time in almost 2 years, this guy held a press conference and appologized as if he had just committed an unimaginable crime.

so fast forward to the NFL draft, where he goes mid way thru the first round to a rather crappy denver team. after spending most of his 2010 rookie year on the bench, he gets a chance to play and managed to win a few games. fast forward to 2011, he finishes in 3rd place in the training camp battle to be the team's QB, and sits on the bench again.  so the broncos start 1-4 and the fans are calling for this guy. heck, they know he might not have the pure football talent, but they know that he's a winner.

so the guy comes in, and looks awful, but guess what? he wins. and wins. and wins again.  5-1 in 6 games, and the denver broncos go from the toilet to a playoff contender. so what do people say now? he can't throw, he can't play, he can't win. it won't last.  then, denver is so content with Tebow playing that they release their so-called star quarterback - Kyle Orton.

fast forward to tomorrow. the woeful Kansas City Chiefs claim Orton off waivers, and Tebow leads the Broncos into Minnesota to play a woeful Vikings team. let's not focus so much on what's not supposed to work. let's recognize that this statement makes Tebow's winning ways even more impressive than they otherwise should be.   although i am a Chiefs fan, and although i am not too keen on Tebow's religious alliances, from a football perspective and from a human being perspective, i want to see this guy prove his critics wrong. and it wouldn't surprise me to see Denver dump the Chiefs in the season finale on Jan 1 to elevate Denver into the playoffs for the first time in a long while.

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