Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 17, 2011 - Bowl Season under way

ok, so we have three meaningless games today. here's my picks:

temple over wyoming
utah state over ohio
san diego state over lafayette

none of these teams play for BCS conferences. none of them are ranked in the top 25. they all did manage winning records though, so i guess that counts for something. i suppose as one article on cbs stated, bowl games is at least more exciting than watching bowling or poker... i suspose they are right!  oh well, this makes for a reward for all six of these teams - a chance to play on national tv at a neutral site against an out of conference opponent. a chance for NFL scouts to get an extra look at the seniors. i suppose it's all good. heck, i am watching, even if these are teams i don't really care about. 

enjoy the bowl season folks, and don't put any major stock into my picks... lol


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