Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A quacky Christmas 12/27/2011

Well, it turned out to be a very lonely christmas. I decided to stay home rather than risk traveling somewhere and getting stuck in an airport somewhere. I also wrongly figured that i could count on some time with my two closest friends here locally, but that didn't materialize either.  So i had lots of time to spend with my friends at the duck pond, which was actually quite lovely. i've pretty much lost faith in humanity these days, as so many people have disappointed me. but the ducks never let me down. as long as i have bird seed, i can always count on their attention. it was actually quite special to have 5 consecutive days with duck pond visits. i used to spend so much more time over there, not not nearly as much this year. 

another highlight was having a chance to be a tourist at home during the winter. i had a car for the weekend so i took in all the familiar sights that i usually see during the summer: topsail beach, middle cove beach, signal hill, and cape spear.  as disappointing as it is to feel that so many close people have turned their back on me, i sense that it is all for the best, as i can move on with my life and focus my attention on other things. people come and go for a reason and this holiday season has made me realize that some changes need to be made in terms of who i focus time, energy, and emotions on.

for more details on my various christmas travels, and for an epic Jennifer rant, check out the latest 4 videos on my vlog at youtube.com/jenniferpoco


Kahlan Amnell said...

Thanks for sharing. I hope things pick up for you soon.

Jon said...

You writing has a lovely candid way, subtle yet stinging, realistic but with hope.

Thank you for speaking at the rally today. You should also think about visiting one of our GA's... more info on occupynl.ca

Again, thanks for this post, and for the other posts above.