Saturday, December 22, 2012

Talking trans with Justin Trudeau and Federal Liberals

On December 17, 2012, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Justin Trudeau, Siobhan Coady, and Scott Andrews - all prominent members of the Liberal Party of Canada. This meeting took place at a public engagement social event which was booked to raise education and awareness towards Justin's quest to become the leader of the party, and his quest to revitalize and re-brand the Liberal Party.

Having stood up in the House of Commons and questioning Conservative Government's Minister of Transport, Denis Lebel, regarding a controversial regulation that bans air travel for gender-variant citizens, I knew trans issues were not only on Justin's radar, but ones he took to heart.  Meeting Justin and others gave me a great opportunity to demonstrate and remind everyone, that there are indeed trans people in Newfoundland who have concerns, as well as those who are keenly interested in having access to the eyes and ears of the Liberal Party.

Not only was this a chance for me to make a personal impression on these individuals, but it was a chance for them to demonstrate support to the trans community, which they did, by virtue of their willingness and gratitude to participate in a photo op with me and a transgender flag.

Another goal of mine was to ask them to gently pressure members of the Provincial Liberal party to get off the fence and take a positive stance in terms of supporting trans people and trans issues provincially.

This also serves as a wake up call to the NDP and all other political parties, that trans issues are not a political partisan matter, but something that is recognized and supported across party lines.


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RadarGrrl said...

See if you can't corner Marc Garneau. Let him know that at least two military trans are watching all this, including one ex-Navy.