Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Animal Abuse! The Legalized Canadian Pig Torture in Manitoba! 12/10/2012

CTV Television News program W5 recently uncovered a shocking animal torture and abuse program that has been taking place at a Pig Farm, run by mega company Puritone, in Arborg, Manitoba, Canada.

An undercover worked for Mercyforanimals.ca shot hours of footage that show staff smashing  baby piglets against metal poles and the floor, staff kicking and slapping already wounded animals, and even degrading animals, both dead and alive.  They also showed footage of them severing body parts on live baby animals, including tails and testicles.  They also depicted the living conditions of pigs stuffed in metal jail cells so small they can't sit or move, and even worse, their face and nose snouts get stuck in the bars, causing infected cuts and even death by strangulation.

The report is making international news today. The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies was so concerned that they have launched a petition to raise awareness (see above image).

I was so outraged that not only did I make this Vlog, but i have actively signed up for membership with Mercy For Animal - offering my free services to launch a Newfoundland branch and/or act as their eastern region spokes person.

In 2013, one my my biggest goals, is to not only enter the year 100% vegan, but to promote both animal rights and the healthy benefits from a vegan diet and lifestyle. I will also venture into the dangerous world of advocating for the banning of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt.

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