Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NPATH is back!

NPATH.NET was supposed to be a non-profit organization that was to have been launched in May 2012, but was shelved for 6 months. I have been in consultation with several trans Newfoundlanders, as well as some key allies. The spark that got this thing back in business was an excellent series of discussions regarding the pending launch of, a national trans human rights activism .

NPATH is currently recruiting members, as well as considering business partner recruitment work, so that a suitable Board of Directors can be launched within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, as registration of Business name owner, I technically have a quasi-organization under my custody and control, yet for which i must put personal liability into, at least until it gets incorporated.

Our first piece of work today was to draft and send invitations to ministers of justice and health, to follow up on trans health care and human rights matters.

NPATH has also secured two registration seats for an interesting upcoming Government-sponsored conference event, Ovations NL, an event that will pay tribute to women business owners.  This should be a great chance for networking, and to demonstrate that the business community of women contains transwomen.

exciting month ahead!

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