Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bowl Game Picks

A little late, but here are my Bowl pics:

Straight up winners:

Arizona over Nevada
Utah State over Toledo
San Diego State over Brigham Young
Lafayette over East Carolina
Boise State over Washington
Fresno State over Southern Methodist
Western Kentucky over Central Michigan
San Jose State over Bowling Green
Cincinnati over Duke
Baylor to upset UCLA
Louisiana Munroe over Ohio
Rutgers to upset Virginia Tech
Texas Tech over Minnesota
Air Force over Rice
Arizona State over Navy
West Virginia over Syracuse
Texas to upset Oregon State
Texas Christian over Michigan State
Vanderbilt over North Carolina State
Southern California over Georgia Tech
Tulsa to upset Iowa State
Louisiana State over Clemson
Northwestern to upset Mississippi State
Oklahoma State over Purdue
Georgia over Nebraska
South Carolina over Michigan
Stanford over Wisconsin
Northern Illinois to upset Florida State
Florida over Louisville
Oregon over Kansas State
Oklahoma to upset Texas A&M
Pittsburgh to upset Ole Miss
Kent State to upset Arkansas State
Alabama over Notre Dame


I predict that all of my winners will cover except:

East Carolina covers against Lafayette
Washington covers against Boise State
Ohio covers against Munroe
Nebraska covers against Georgia
North Carolina State covers against Vanderbilt

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