Friday, December 21, 2012

My Open Letter to NL Womens' Policy Office re Keith Russell 12/21/2012

Dear Women's Policy Office,

I am writing to express extreme concern over the comments made last night in the House of Assembly by Keith Russell.

While i'd love to think that Minister Charlene Johnson and/or Premier Dunderdale would make a public statement denouncing his comments, due to political reasons, I can understand why they might feel compelled
to bite their tongue on this one.

However, given that the WPO is a non-partisan public service, i'm writing to encourage you to release a position statement that discusses the impact towards society, of public displays of misogyny among male politicians.

As a member and perceived leader of the transwomen community of the province, I have a personal and moral interest in women's issues, and have an interesting rapport with many women's rights and women's
issues organizations and movements.

I respectfully, would like to call upon your office to take a leadership role in taking steps to denounce Mr. Russell's actions in the House, to demonstrate to the public how and why these types of actions are harmful, and to take steps to proactively engage all politicians to educate them on how they can best conduct their
business without having to launch these types of sexist attacks against female politicians.


Jennifer McCreath


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