Friday, December 7, 2012

Another attack from the cis-sexist community

Wow, yet another cis sexist female, who refers to self as 'female bodied' - has launched an assault against me on her blog. I'm not quite sure what the spark was, but I was on the receiving end of about 5 negative tweets, before I clicked on her profile to see what she was all about and wrote back.

Funny how these cis-sexists often use the term 'misogynist' to attack transwomen. (This is a term that is generally applied or implied to males who put down women and/or denounce feminism).  In actuality, transwomen are generally the last people in the world who either consider themselves male nor want to be seen as male.

Once again, this person seems upset that I called out former USA Presidential candidate and actor Roseanne Barr, on her transphobic comments made last month, regarding trans people and washroom safety. This person also referenced my infamous blogs and vlogs discussing my concern over LGBT organizations in Newfoundland not remaining neutral on controversial issues such as political party alliances and abortion rights debate.  There's also a chance my recent tweets about 'Motion 408' may have played a roll, so I will address this all here and now...

Quite frankly, as someone who cannot biologically ever get impregnated, I don't feel it adds any value to the world for me to engage in any pro-life vs pro-choice debate, let alone openly reveal and discuss my personal stances.  However, I will speak out against any organization or person who attempts to suggest that trans rights and abortion rights are one in the same. I will also speak up whenever someone insists that all LGBT people must be, or should be, on one particular side of this argument, or the other.

Much like sexual orientation and gender identity is a dichotomy, so is trans issues and abortion issues.

Bottom line, I respect both sides to the abortion debate and I respect anyone who stands up and advocates for something they believe in.. But folks, please do not try to shove your values into my face, and definitely please do not try to guilt me into this debate, much less, entice me to take up your stance on it.

Quite frankly, I am really sick and tired of seeing so much time and resources, supposedly devoted to trans rights, being devoted to pro-life vs pro-choice matters.  Apples and oranges folks!

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