Friday, December 7, 2012

Frustrating Day!

As a reaction to the Conservative Government's filibustering of the C279 committee meeting yesterday, as well as frustrations from having to deal with a Human Resource Management Director from Department of IBDR, who refused to hire me to a job recently, even though I won the competion; well, it was all too much to take, so I snapped and took out my frustrations on my poor innocent Christmas Tree with a chair! Pro Wrestling Style! 

This infamous photo, which I tweeted out last night, became the butt of an inside joke between me and the radio personalities at Coast 101.1, who this morning, noted how great it was to see so many people in this city getting into the Christmas Spirit, 'especially Jenn McCreath'  

Anyway, I will have more to say on both of these matters later this weekend..

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