Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama supports Gay Marriage? It's about time!

ok what century is this folks???  here's a run down of timeline when same-sex marriage became legal in all judisdictions of each of the following countries:

Argentina 2010
Belgium 2003
Canada 2005
Iceland 2010
Netherlands 2001
Norway 2009
Portugal 2010
South Africa 2006
Spain 2005
Sweden 2009

So should we be celebrating that the President of another major nation would voice support of this in 2012? or should it simply be expected that all presidents and all political candidates of major world powers would be respectful of hukan rights and equality? 

What's sad is that in 2012, less than 20% of American states allow same-sex marriage. and even worse, states such as North Carolina are allowing citizens, and not human rights legal professionals, to determine who gets access to equality. 

C'mon USA. the world is watching. Stop embarassing yourselves and get with the times! 

and yes, i formally support and endorse Obama for re-election! so get out there and vote for him folks!!!

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