Monday, May 28, 2012

Trans Activist questions Moncton City funding of homophobic School

Kudos to a member of the New Brunswick trans community, who raised concern over the $28 million of public money that has been granted to a non-accredited private educational institute who practices homophobic hiring policies, and for speaking to the media. Crandall "university" has been on the receiving end of money from city, provincial, and federal government money. They state in corporate policy that they refuse to hire people engaged in same sex relationships due to their so-called religious values. 

UPDATE: while Global seemed anxious to put a spin on the complaint, the trans person extrapolated on Facebook expressing concern that their full message was edited out of the telecast. They offered the following:

"Well Global completely hated my response because they edited it out my entire theme of acceptance. Basically, that Crandall's students and staff are not at fault here, that we as ROP, are accepting of all persons LGBT and Straight. That we support private organizations rights to have their private rules which we know supersede Human Rights Law, but receiving public funding goes against that private ORG status. And MOST IMPORTANT, that we would rather see the their rules lifted than have the funding cut. And if the city is in the business of funding controversy, why not be fair and give Non-Profit PUBLIC groups like Pride big cash donations as well. Global was fishing, and the strung shit together to look like they caught something."
(the trans person has not been named on this blog for privacy reasons)

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