Friday, May 11, 2012

Dale Kirby tweet did not violate rules. Cons out of order!

following up on my last blog, NDP provincial MHA Dale Kirby made a statement on twitter about his disappointment at a lie he claimed was told by a Conservative during a radio interview earlier that week.  Well, in the House, calling someone a lier is not allowed, and often leads the Speaker to ask the member to formally withdraw the remark and appologize.  The Cons put pressure on the speaker to insist kirby do so over his tweets.  Now current House protocol policy clearly states that their rules do not apply to communocation done outside of the house. So basically, the Cons were in the wrong to ask Kirby to apologize and the speaker was in the wrong too. Kirby did nothing wrong and did not deserve to be attacked.  in the end, he apologized anyway, as he was anxious to move on to more serious business.  

and hmmm, no wonder people seem to be losing faith in the political system, political protocol, and politicians in general.

Anyway, keep up the great tweets Kirby. even if you get gained up on by a dozen Cons, you know I and others will always be here to back u up!

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