Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animals and Ponds 5/26/2012

wow, i had a lovely afternoon of animal interaction.  i dropped into Lesters Farm to visit their rabbits, goats, ostriches and others. then hit burton's pond to see the newly-hatched first batch of baby duckies. 12 in totol, who were peeping away at me while i fed birdseed to their adult duck colleagues.  then it was my first visit to left pond of the year, where i jumped in for a swim and took in the peaceful woods.. oh, i also swam in kent's ponds with two lovely german sheppard dogs, who's owner was throwing sticks in the pond for them to chase after.  hmmm, seems ironic how i feel more comfortable liasing with other animals than other humans.. oh, now i have two cats and one hamster here at home looking for attention!  ahh, a relaxing day before a big race. going to bed early tonight for my 5 am wake up call.  such a nice sunny day here. when the weather is nice (which is rare) there is no better place in the world..

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