Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011 rough day

yikes, the chemical mixture that is known as my daily bowl of pills seems to have gotten the best of me. the latest addition has been the infamous potential breast-enhancinmg hormone known as progesterone.

for three weeks now, i have been taking a synthetic progesterone, known as a progestin. although rarely prescribed to trasnswomen in Canada, it's use seems quite common in the USA. Cue my recent trip down south. It was not just a marathon run. it was a medical visit.

synthetic is much cheaper than nartural, but it comes with side effects - specifically, depression, mood swings, and fatigue. they have all hit quite hard. luckily, the drug is also working its magic on my breasts, which is why i knew i needed to start taking it.

although some doctors try to pretend that it adds no value, the majority of first-hand reports from transwomen around the world do state thast adding a progesterone into the hormone regime will turn the cone-shaped breasts into regular-looking breasts, as well as increase the maturity of nipple and areolas.

well, for those of you keeping score, you can add my name to ther list of those who do cite positive breast development with this product.

but i am quite disappointed that the doctor that i went to see, decided to put me on a synthetic instead of a natural (progestin vs prometrium). these additional side affects are brutal, plus there is increased risks to blood clots, high blood pressure, weight gain, and severe depression. oh well, it is what it is. now comes the challenge of trying to convince my local Canadian doctors to give this a go.

proof that transsexuals will go to great lengths to transition, this bottle of pills literally cost me a thousand dollars, if you factor in the travel costs to get to the usa to see a doctor. hopefully, i won't have to go back there every 3 months1 that would be expensive.

but yah, c'mon doctors, it's time to get up with the times. sure, elder ciswomen who take P may have seem more problems that benefits, but we are trans people. you can't base conclusions about how a drug would affect us unless you specifically study us.

anyway, i have upped my anti deporessant upon the advice of one of my docs, so hopefully that will get me feeling more energetic and less like a zombie!


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