Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011 - busy week!

wow, what a week. a good friend of mine won tickets at the last minute to a Jackson Browne concert, in a VIP box no less! that was quite fun - sitting in a corporate box eating free pizza and watching one of America's best 70s folk rockers do an intimate solo set, with just him, his piano, and his 19 guitars!

the other major highlight of the week was finally getting my new birth certificate, so i took a day off and travelled around the various government offices to register my sex change.. i now have a new drivers licence, new health card, and soon, a new passport classifying me as female, and that is really exciting!

the other really good news is that after sitting dormant for quite some time, St John's Pride Inc ( is finally ready to kick it up and get down to business. Although one of our Board of Directors has been uncooperative and uncommunicative (and sadly, we are likely going to take steps to replace him), others are on board and ready to go. Calls are already starting to come in from interested parties who want to be a part of Pride, including, amazingly enough, a rep from the Provincial Government's Department of Tourism! This is very very exciting stuff. In the near future, there will be a revamped website for Pride, as well as the launch of a Facebook group, and a yahoo group. I have also initiated contact with City Hall to look into getting a Flag Raising event, as well as start preliminary discussions for organizing the logistics of a Parade. It is not 100% confirmed yet, but Pride week in St. John's will likely be July 18-24.

Meanwhile, i have had a couple of good runs this week, although my patellar tendon has flared up to the point where i have had to limit my running.

More soon!


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