Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 - Kent's Pond

Ahhh, you know spring is right around the corner when the tulip bulbs on pippy park hill start popping out. It was a tough day for me - the first Patriots Day since 2008 that i was not running the Boston Marathon. Probably the worst day of depression for me all year. But i managed to salvage some positives this evening with a lovely run after supper over to Kent's Pond - my first run over there this year. I had a sit on the dock and watched the ducks swim around as the sun set. It reminded me of why i love loving here and why i want to stay here as long as i can. If i can't run in Boston, then running around Kent's Pond is the perfect replacement. In fact, i can't think of anywhere else in the world i'd rather run. Can't wait for the water to warm up so i can swim in there again! I ran a slow and gently but steady 12.8k tonight, the best workday run i have had since surgery. the knee and foot only gave me minimal problems, so that is encouraging.

the other great news is that St John's Pride Inc. is finally starting to ramp up. A board meeting will occur next week, in which there is going to be a new addition to the team, as well as the appointment of officers (people who will take on specific work responsibilities). is up and running, but will be revamped next week with plenty of details for how people can get involved as planners, or sponsors. talks are ongoing with both provincial and municipal departments of tourism for involvement, so an exciting week ahead!


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