Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 9, 2010 - Mundy Pond Duck Dead - City officials ignore pleas to help

Well, a big shame on the City of St. John's and their team of wildlife officials in the Humane Services Division for failing this duck. They wouldn't even send one person out to help this poor suffering animal, who has starved to death due to being unable to eat for 2 weeks with a plastic ring jammed around its head and in its mouth? Whoever manages that program should be replaced with someone who actually cares!

...and shame on city officials who get paid to clean up garbage in our parks. You didn't do your job either. and shame on all you ignorant litterbugs that are ruining what used to be a lovely city.

Yup, Newfoundland! We litter our parks and ponds with fast food garbage, we pollute our harbour, we let our dogs poop everywhere, we don't recycle, we are clear-cutting our forests and parks to build more houses and more parking lots, we'd rather drive than walk or bike (who needs snow cleared from sidewalks anyway?), we kill our ducks, and we club our seals, for that matter too!

.. and this is supposed to be a prime tourist destination?? Gimme a break! No wonder half of the country is laughing at us and the other half is so upset with us. I am highly ashamed of our City tonight!

i feared the worst yesterday when i went over to Mundy pond Friday afternoon and didn't see that particular duck. i really wish this story had broken sooner. i have a great deal of experience studying ducks and i have managed to do a very good job at getting ducks at several different ponds to feel comfortable approaching me, eating bird seed out of my hand, and even letting me hold them. I went over friday with seed and scissors fully expecting not only to find the duck, but to free it.. but it was apparently too late.

..on a brighter note, we had a major snow storm here today, our second storm of the year. but that didn't stop me from having a wonderful swim at the pool and a nice visit at Burton's Pond, where i fed several hungry ducks, who probably didn't know quite what to make of the storm.


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