Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010 - great finish to the month

well, the arms were a little sore this morning, but felt better as the day went on, so i ran over to the pool for the evening swim and managed 70 laps for 3.5k in exactly 70 minutes. that gives me 32k of swimming for the month, which was good enough to hit my C goal! (A goal was 62k,B goal was 46.5k). it's been generally a good week in terms of strength and energy. i ended up with 271k of running for the month, which is not too bad considering i spent most of the month nursing that nagging knee injury. it hasn't been a problem at all for the past 4 days so i am really hoping that i have turned the corner with that.

well, i am really looking forward to starting a new job tomorrow. perfect way to start a new month!
i'm sure it will be an interesting adjustment getting back into a routine, but i hope to find myself at the pool on a regular basis after work. it will be great to run to and from work on a regular basis too.


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