Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010 - rest day

only managed to get outside for a short time today, and that's probably good as it was -11 and high winds. ran a token 0.5k just to say that i ran at all, then walked 1k on top of that, over to the river where i have seen ducks as of late. one duck had an icicle frozen to it's forehead.. poor thing!

watching NFL quarterfinals (aka divisional playoffs - not sure why they call it that when it is not really divisional anymore).

looking forward to catching some of the Australian Open tennis on tv over the next few weeks. 3 canadian girls have made the draw. the focus will definitely be on one of my all time favs, Justine Henin, as she makes a comeback after a 2-3 year retirement. should be interesting to see how she does..

big day tomorrow with a doc appt, a job interview, and a run with Kim over at the track.


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