Friday, January 8, 2010

January 7, 2010 - duck needs help

sad news today as it was reported on CTV that a duck at Mundy Pond had somehow managed to get a thick elastic band jammed around its head and into its mouth, forcing her beak open. the duck is unable to eat and unable to use it's beak to do anything. local university wildlife specialists have been over there trying to catch the duck in order to help, but without success.

i hope this is a lesson to everyone out there who litters around places like ponds, parks, and forests that there are serious risks to wildlife animals from human behaviour.

i went over to the pond tonight to try to find her but wasn't successful. i will head over again in the morning daylight and see if my sweet charm and my birdseed is able to work.

10.5k of running for me today in what was a very busy one with lots of work. i am now preparing for 2 more government job interviews, which i will have next week. i'm also starting to plan out my trip in April to run the Boston and Big Sur marathons, which may very well be the only two i run this year off Newfoundland soil. then again, if one of these two jobs work out, i may be able to splurge and hit Mississauga and/or Halifax again. you never know! first things first though, i gotta get into better shape!


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