Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 22, 2010 - mega work out!

well, it was 2 hour - 21k run on the indoor track this morning, then immediately into the pool for an hour swim.. a pseudo 3/4 marathon if you will.. lol and i felt great in terms of strength, endurance, and energy levels. amazing to have 3 great energy days in a row! and overall, i have been in a rather good mood for most of the week, better mood than i have been in a long time. not really sure why though.

only real negative thing today was that i appear to have tweaked the knee injury again. i actually cut the run short, as this was supposed to be a 30-40k run, but i decided to take it to the pool. hours later though, the knee feels ok. i will test it out gently tomorrow to see where things are at, and i will definitely be speaking to my family doc about the knee upon my next visit.

other good news this week was that i was given a complete clean bill of lung health by the specialist. my breathing has gotten better since the summer, or maybe it just seems that way. could be i am just better adjusted to the change in hemoglobin as part of the estrogen process, which leads to less oxygen being processed thru the body..

anyway, not a bad day at all, and looking forward to what will hopefully be a great weekend!


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